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Tax Services

  • 1 hour
  • 299 دولار أمريكي
  • Dubai

Service Description

Tax compliance to tax laws and regulations are duties of every business and every individual. Proper planning and analysis of tax procedure will keep business away from unwanted fines and penalties. It will save from loss due to over payment. The tax laws prescribe for accounting, documentation and other procedures to be strictly followed. Taxation support from inexperienced professional may make severe damage to the business. How SAS can help you? When it comes to Value Added Tax VAT and Excise Lima provides the following services:                               Registration                       Deregistration Return preparation                                            Transaction Advisory              Tax Pre Audit Services Accounting services for Taxation Documentation for Taxation services                                 SAS support for Customs tax service and international taxation. SAS Approach: SAS discharge the following duties as a tax consultant: Strategizing with clients to minimize tax liability Communicating with clients to explain tax issues Preparing tax returns Keeping clients compliant with their tax obligations Assist to prepare records for all tax returns. SAS can conduct a more in-depth tax health check at any given time to provide a clear picture of your organization’s affairs. The SAS Tax Support for Professionals (TSP) service offers several supports to small and medium professional firms and individual professionals. SAS provide advice on tax planning, Advice the company on Foreign Tax Credit; Assist in the preparation and file tax returns, assist in providing information on tax queries and draft responses.

Contact Details

  • Al Murar - Dubai - United Arab Emirates



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