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Services We Provide

We have an outstanding track record in dealing with a wide variety of tax and accounting demands. SULEMANI ACCOUNTING SERVICES has worked with individuals and businesses - from the smallest of startups to the largest corporations - and is equipped for any challenge that may come our way. Whatever financial management advice you may need, please contact us to see how we can help you out.


Accounting Services


Outsourcing of Cloud based book keeping and other form of book keeping will help small and medium businesses to concentrate more on more important activities. In the cloud-based book keeping data stored in cloud and people can access from any part of the globe. Traditional book keeping system stored data in own computer and access from that computer only. Cloud bases book keeping provides more features and benefits.

How SAS can help you?

SAS will help you in end to end services by assisting in the following area:

  • Appropriate accounting package selection

  • Chart of Account Set up

  • Accounting report designing

  • Accountant Service

  • Accounts Supervision

  • Financial Statements/Reconciliations

  • Project based accounting

  • Event Accounting

  • Pending period Accounting

  • Modern accounting system implementation

  • Compliance audit programs and tools.

SAS Approach

Lima support business by shifting accounts from the traditional financial reporting to report of business operation. The accounts reports are made useful for every stakeholders of the business.

The accounting will be made real time and reconciliation will also have done real time.

We use modern techniques and methods to make the accounting process easy and simple and to make it record as and when occurred.

We make the accountant not as an accounting clerk, but an entrepreneur who will take care and answer all stakeholders of business. An entrepreneur work as an owner of the business within his limited power and rights.

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Miscellaneous Services


  • ERP Implementation support

  • Project/Market Feasibility Studies

  • Hand Hold in GAP Analysis

  • Process Mapping

  • Legal Advice on Agreement/Contracts

  • Succession Planning for Business and Individual

  • Company Incorporation

  • Company liquidation

  • Other management consultancies

  • Business sales

  • Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation

  • Asset Liability Management (ALM)

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Tax Services


Tax compliance to tax laws and regulations are duties of every business and every individual. Proper planning and analysis of tax procedure will keep business away from unwanted fines and penalties. It will save from loss due to over payment. The tax laws prescribe for accounting, documentation and other procedures to be strictly followed. Taxation support from inexperienced professional may make severe damage to the business.

How SAS can help you?

When it comes to Value Added Tax VAT and Excise Lima provides the following services:                              

  • Registration                      

  • Deregistration

  • Return preparation                                           

  • Transaction Advisory             

  • Tax Pre Audit Services

  • Accounting services for Taxation

  • Documentation for Taxation services                                

  • SAS support for Customs tax service and international taxation.

SAS Approach​:

SAS discharge the following duties as a tax consultant:
Strategizing with clients to minimize tax liability
Communicating with clients to explain tax issues
Preparing tax returns
Keeping clients compliant with their tax obligations

Assist to prepare records for all tax returns.

SAS can conduct a more in-depth tax health check at any given time to provide a clear picture of your organization’s affairs. The SAS Tax Support for Professionals (TSP) service offers several supports to small and medium professional firms and individual professionals.

SAS provide advice on tax planning, Advice the company on Foreign Tax Credit; Assist in the preparation and file tax returns, assist in providing information on tax queries and draft responses.

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Feasibility Study


A feasibility study is an analysis that takes all of a project’s relevant factors into account—including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations—to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully.  Feasibility Study represents a definition of a problem or opportunity to be studied, an analysis of the current mode of operation, a definition of requirements, an evaluation of alternatives, and an agreed upon course of action.

How SAS can help you?

  • Whether it is:

  • New Business

  • New idea

  • New wings

  • New spend

SAS will help business to analyze the feasibility of business.

Depend on the purposes of study we can assist for the feasibility and viability of a business decision. We will provide the feasibility study with applicable algorithms and reality study.  Our feasibility study not limited to the projection of numbers, it is a comprehensive study of the feasibility of business decision.

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Virtual CFO


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A virtual CFO is an outsourced service provider offering high skill assistance in financial requirements of an organization, just like a chief financial officer does for large organizations. A virtual CFO may be a single person or an entity. Flexibility, Diverse Experience Accounting Expertise, Ability to Handle Complexity, Trusted Reporting, Ability to Handle the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Get Up to Speed Quickly, Liaison with External Stakeholders and Professional Services.

How SAS can help you?

Leading all budgeting, reporting, accounting and financial forecasting activities. Ensuring financial control activities such as capturing individual profit center performance.

Reviewing and producing proposals, feasibility assessments and businesses cases for investments.

Building solid relationships with key financial institutions in order to secure financing.

Ensuring stringent cash flow control and management.

Developing cost awareness and an ethos of financial responsibility.

SAS Approach:

Our CFO service approach are based on the following:

  • Developing and mentoring Finance Department personnel.

  • Developing relevant policies, procedures, strategies and performance measures.

  • Designing company-wide authority matrices, investment hurdles, assumptions, etc.

  • Creating operational tools and systems to provide critical financial and operational information to management and the Board.

  • Making the business and its people fit to do the CFO services without a support of CFO.

  • Dashboard based reporting and analyzing is the approach to make available the required data to different people.

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Business Strategy


A business strategy is an outline of the actions and decisions a company plans to take to reach its business goals and objectives. Operation Strategy,

  • Financial Strategy.

  • Branding Strategy.

  • Marketing Strategy.

A strategy will convert into plans which is an action plan based on business policies.

How SAS can help you?

  • Operation Strategy:

Preparation and monitoring of Standard Operating Practices (SOP), Organization Structure Design, Risk Management, Performance Evaluation etc.

  • Financial Strategy:

Fixing most appropriate financial leverage, Financial Planning and Management, Financial viability studies, financial advisory services.

  • Branding Strategy:

Product Branding, Company Branding, Personal Branding, And Financial Statement Branding.

  • Marketing Strategy:

Marketing Budget, Marketing Resource Planning, Cost benefit Analysis.

SAS Approach

‘Strategy without execution is Hallucination!’ Hope is not a strategy. Without strategy execution is aimless. These are the three basic approaches of SAS in business strategy.

SAS designs a business strategy in alignment with the vision of the business. All the validation techniques are using to integrate the strategy to be aligning with other factors of the business.

Business strategies may be amended due to internal reasons or may be due to geo political and socio economic reasons. Whatever be the reasons to amend a strategy, it will do only after considering possible changes to be made in other functional strategies.

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Out Sourcing


Startups and medium business can outsource their non-core activities like accounting, compliance etc. in the beginning to reduce the cost and to get expert services at affordable cost. The established business also outsourcing selected services, like payable management, receivable management, payroll management, transaction reconciliation etc., for better performance and cost reduction.

How SAS can help you?

Outsourcing of business’s work: 

Business units outsourcing the accounting works, financial statements preparation, payable management, receivable management, inventory management and audit support services.

Outsourcing of Consultant’s work: 

SAS supporting multinational consultants in accounting and financial sectors. The association extends its support for other segments like feasibility studies, business valuation, due diligence etc.

SAS supporting other auditors for doing audit work of the branches or offices in the region.

SAS Approach:

CFOs and Auditors, across the globe, are seeking support from accounting outsourcing firms to reduce their operational costs, increase profits, and set benchmarks for superior corporate governance and compliance.

We, at SAS, are a team of experienced accounting professionals who understand the specific business and industry needs. We will study the challenges, design solutions that will fit, and will partner with you to implement them.

Our accounting back-office services support clients by helping set up processes, quality and compliance controls, equalizing expenditure and growth, maximizing working capital, assisting in time management and regulatory reporting. We enable you to make your finance function lean, efficient, effective and compliant.

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Internal Audit

Internal Control and Internal Audit are the key success stones for risk mitigation.  An internal audit offers risk management and evaluates the effectiveness of a company’s internal controls, corporate governance, and accounting processes. Internal audits provide management and board of directors with a value-added service where flaws in a process may be caught and corrected prior to external audits.

How SAS can help you?

We can support the business to analyze the weakness in existing internal control system.

Identifying and correcting the gaps in the existing process.

Implement the best industry practices in such a way that the processes would rule the organization.

Convert the company from a people dependent organization to a process dependent organization.

Conducting concurrent periodic analytical internal audit and assigning scores for the departments based on their compliance.

SAS Approach:

We practice value and result based control measures of – internal control design, setting up internal audit department, manual and guideline for internal control and internal audit. It also extends to performance audit, management audit and system audit.

SAS provides predictive analytics (What could happen) Prescriptive analytics (What should do) based on Descriptive analytics (What happened) and Diagnostic analytics (What did happen).

Our approaches are based on business process and procedure, real time monitoring and reporting, dashboard based reporting, correct and prompt technology and depend on business growth.

Convert the company from a people dependent organization to a process dependent organization.


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Budgetary Control



Budgetary control is the process of determining various actual results with budgeted figures for the enterprise for the future period and standards set then comparing the budgeted figures with the actual performance for calculating variances, if any. Benefits are; Definite planning, Enhanced efficiency, Proper communication, Control, Co-ordination, Delegation of authority, Motivation, Maximization of profit, Forecasting credit needs, Uniform policy.

How SAS can help you?

SAs will assist in preparation of budget and implementing budgetary control in every functional operation of business. The preparation of effective and realistic budget is the key factor in budgetary control. SAS prepares budgets considering all internal and external facts. It considers all socio economic, geo political aspects.

SAS uses different methods and techniques for calculating and studying variances.

The review process will update the budget and make necessary corrections.

SAS Approach:

We use modern techniques and methods for preparing the budget. Different modern techniques applied to different type of companies and different activities. For better and accurate results Lima uses group of formulas with allotted weightage. Every value predicted with tools and methods will be validated with real life facts and historic data.

The tools for variance analysis and the methods and procedure for evaluating the reasons for variance are doing scientifically with approved modern techniques.

Budgetary control as a business control tool will be applied in a holistic way with all segments of entity. The budgetary control study will be used for improving the performance of the business.

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Business Health Check


A Business Health Check can be referred to as a current comprehensive evaluation of the crucial elements of business. It provides with several questions to help concentrate on the business in a way that helps you see it from the point of view of an external expert. It involves a comprehensive diagnostic on the business and the outcome will define the strength of the business while pointing out ways of improving the business

How SAS can help you?

SAS will help business to evaluate continuous or periodic health check of its business. The health check is an essential tool for to understand the hidden and inherent risk associated with business functions.

SAS will check the health of every functional division. The health check will work as a whistle blower for short-term risks and indicator for medium term challenges.

The health check dashboard provided by SAS will help business to understand the movement of health in real time.

SAS Approach:

The health checks of the business normally doing by assessing current health of the business. SAS approach for health check is different from others. It uses the predictive technique to assess the future risk in addition of inherent risk exist in the business.

SAS considers the contingent risk factors for fixing the future health of the business. SAs Health Check Report provides an indication of future business risks, weaknesses and threats and also will be a guideline for decision-making.

SAS health check covers Business strategy and planning, Financial management, Sales and marketing, Customers, Processes and procedures, Business team (or business support if you work alone), Business happiness, Resilience and business continuity.

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